Feta P.D.O. Provogal

Feta P.D.O. Provogal

The white cheeses in brine PROVOGAL are manufactured exclusively from fresh, pasteurized sheep’s and goat’s milk of Central Macedonia in North Greece. They are white soft cheeses with small holes and without outer skin. They are of great nutritional value. They are rich in proteins, vitamins A, B2 (riboflavin), D, E and calcium. They ensure an important part of daily human needs in energy. They are primarily consumed as table cheeses and they accompany many Mediterranean recipes and traditional Greek salads, while their unique taste allows you to also enjoy it plain, with bread and olive oils.
Gold Taste Award 2009
Bronze Taste Award 2011
Χρυσό Αστέρι 2014
A Gold Star 2014
  • It is a part of our cultural heritage, which we are obliged to protect and to promote by any lawful mean.
  •  It forms an important part of Greeks diet, as, each one consumes more than 10 kilos per year, unlike any other cheese in the world.
  •  The strict application of its legislated specifications provides constant protection by European Union.
  • Positive prospects for its commercial success are ensured only by high quality of product and competitive cost.
  • It is prepared and matures exclusively in legislatively delimited geographic region in Greece including Thrace, Macedonia, Eripus, Thessaly, Sterea Hellas, Peloponnese and the prefecture Lesvos, from fresh sheep’s milk or its mix with goat’s milk in proportion up to 30%, that is produced by breeds of animals raised traditionally in the above mentioned regions where their diet is based on local natural flora.
  •  It matures for at least 60 days.
  •  Its moisture should not exceed 56%, while its fat-content in dry matter should be at least 43%.
  •  Its production is prohibited outside the legislatively delimited geographic region that is mentioned above.
  • Its production is prohibited within the delimited region, if the sheep’s and goat’s milk is not produced in it.
  •  Its production from other kinds of milk is prohibited, except the sheep’s and goat’s milk.
  •  It is prohibited to add in the cheese-making milk cow’s milk, condensed milk, powder milk, milk proteins and casein salts.
  • It is prohibited to use antibiotics, conservatives and colouring substances in all production phases.
  • It is prohibited to quote on its package information and nutritional allegations that don’t respond to reality and misinform the consumers.
  •  It is prohibited by market decree to use Hellenic salad (country salad) any other cheese but FETA.

Protected Designation of Origin

“Designation of Origin” means the name of a region, a specific place or in exceptional cases, a country, used to describe an agricultural product or food originating in that region, specific place or country of which the quality or characteristics are substantially or exclusively due to the particular geographical environment comprising the inherent physical and human factors whose production, processing and processing take place in the defined geographical area.


  • 200g plastic vacuum sachet
  • 400g plastic vacuum sachet
  • 400g plastic container in brine
  • 800g plastic container in brine
  • 2kg plastic container in brine
  • 4kg plastic container in brine
  • 4kg tin in brine
  • 8kg tin in brine
  • 16kg tin in brine
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